I'm Cool With Real Life: Demo Of Google's Smart-Glasses

February 20, 2013


IT'S F***ING TERRIFYING, THANKS FOR ASKING. God, why am I even friends with these people?

First we had a conceptual demonstration of Google's smart-glasses, and now an actual one of what a user would experience wearing the things. Basically they're glasses with a see-through mini screen in the far corner that accepts voice commands that begin with, "Okay, Glass...take a picture/take a video/take your pants off," whatever. Based on the video demonstration it also looks like you're in store for a way more exciting life, doing things like hot-air ballooning, trapeze swinging, stunt plane flying, being a ballerina, being an ice skater, snake handling, horse jumping, fire juggling, ice carving, being a runway model -- you name it. "I don't do any of those things." Not yet you don't, but I think this is gonna be a big year for you. "You said that last year." But you didn't have smart-glasses! "True." Ahahahahahahah, oh God you believe me.

Hit the jump for the demo and prepare to not live a normal, regular person life anymore.

Thanks to Smorgasbored and Daniel, who agree the best kind of glasses are the ones that have the flip-up sunglass lenses because those are going to make a comeback -- you watch.

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