Iconic 320x240 Doom Screen Remastered To 9,600x7,211

February 19, 2013


Note: Decent sized version of the finished product HERE, but check out the artist's DeviantART page for a giant one.

DeviantARTist Elemental79 remastered this iconic 320x240 Doom screenshot into a 9,600x7,211 resolution version spanning seven Photoshop files. For reference, that's six more Photoshop files than I'd know what to do with.

According to the author, "each frame represents ten seconds of work. The image spans across 7 PSD files at a resolution of 9600x7211 pixels. The project took 35 hours to complete over the course of 8 days."

Good work, Elemental79. Tough break on not being able to snag the Elemental69 username though before somebody else got it. I hate it when people manage to take my name before me. Seriously, how many DinoLovers can there really be in the world?

Hit the jump for a gif of some details, a time-lapse of the piece being made, and a bonus Contra version he did too because why not, everybody loves Contra.



Thanks to Matty M and Diana, who prefer lower resolutions to higher resolutions because they're convinced it's easier on their eyes. Is, uh, is that true?

  • Quake Guias


  • agatha

    We have the xbox game, you can play 1 and 2 as extra! But we still haven't played the new one... The old ones are still fantasic! Haha

  • Prometheus

    Great now after watching the video when I see the monster all I see is elephant ass...

  • JuJoo Guppy

    I'd love to see classic games (esp DooM) get overhauled w/ this kind of detail, while still keeping it the original style (sprites / images rather than 3d models) just because I feel it'd be easier to accomplish, probably cheaper, and freaking awesome. God, now I want to go play DooM...

  • Matthew Little

    The sprites were originally sculpted maquettes. So the best way to get high res sprites in the original style would be to model them in 3D, either with clay or with CG.

  • All that work and he gave the character such shitty stats.

  • Thats an ammo count...

  • asdfasdfasdf

    I think I kinda like the original better

  • Will Chamberland

    Kickstarter to do the whole game like this?! ANYONE?

  • Thac0

    Does anyone else think the HD version face looks like fat Val Kilmer?

  • Lee

    Freeze frames at 8:11 - Its supposed to be Matt Damons chin and 2 other guys faces

    But heres Val Kilmer, personally I dont see it.

  • It looks like he used Matt Damon, Liam Hemsworth, and one other person as models. I don't recognize the person at 8:08

  • contra high res?! me wants.

  • Chip_Chipperson


  • Darebear

    More CG guys jerking off to themselves

  • cabbo

    More cg guys trying to get jobs, more like.

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