I Want Her: Lily The Lionhead Bunny In A Wheelchair

February 21, 2013


This is a video of Lily the lionhead bunny (a domestic rabbit breed with a mane like a lion). Lily is currently looking for adoption from the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary and has a special wheelchair she uses because SPOILER: her back legs were amputated because she had a broken back. Like, for real, it's not just clever trick to get adopted because who doesn't want a bunny on wheels? You know what else I want on wheels? A mini-fridge that I can push around the house so I never have to get up for a snack. "That's not actually a bad idea." Right? I'm not as dumb as I look -- people tell me that. Mostly my family. Thing is, we all look really similar.

Hit the jump for a cute-ass video of Lily in action.

Thanks to my pal Terry, whose gecko Ozwald doesn't need a wheelchair but wouldn't mind windshield wipers for his eyeballs so he doesn't have to lick them himself.

  • Wu

    Rabbit is a great choice of pets. The best is to have them in pair. Male and female. They love breeding. That keeps them in good moods. True :)

  • Rrrrrrr

    How incredibly ignorant and libelous to suggest that this bunny's legs were amputated solely to command a higher adoption fee! Broken backs and hind leg paralysis in rabbits are extremely common. It comes from ignorant people letting little kids pick them up and then drop them, or putting them on high surfaces from which they fall. Rabbits' bones are very fragile and light relative to their muscle and organ weight. Many pet bunnies live their entire lives in agony from stupid people dropping them, and not noticing their pain. How sad that you've chosen to be part of the bleating hordes, instead of finding out the facts and using Lily's plight to educate the public.

  • Alliekat

    If they really ripped the poor things back legs off for mere profit then, that's just fucking awful. However, if it being a cripple for the rest of it's furry days was what God intended all on his own then, bad luck, either way, it's definitely a cutey pie and is a brave little bun-bun! Carry on!

  • dada

    cant decide if this bunny looks like a little rat dog, or if little rat dog looks like this bunny

  • Melissa

    Who knew. You take a $20 bunny's back legs off, make a wheelchair, and sell them for $500 (that's how much i'd pay for this cutey pie).

  • dsadsad

    Don't you know these people rip their pets' legs off just because its the HOT thing right now to have pets in wheel chairs?!?!?!?! STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!

  • Ran-Die

    It's so cute!

  • Rick

    Some shots make it look like a really tiny scottish terrier.

  • The music that accompanies this video sounds like 70's porn music which is highly appropriate for a bunny.

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