I Said Sit In The Back, Robin!: Batmobile Monster Truck

February 26, 2013


Apparently the Batmobile monster truck has been out crushing cars since the mid 2000's, but I didn't know about it because the last time I went to a monster truck rally I was twelve. Aaaaaand popped an awkward boner watching Carzilla eat a station wagon and have always been afraid to go back. Now I'm old enough to drink at those things -- there's no telling what I might do. My guess is get so drunk tailgating I never make it in. I've done that twice at Jimmy Buffet concerts and have the untorn tickets to prove it. I always wake up like three-quarters of the way through the set and then just wander around the parking lot looking for uneaten hotdogs left on people's grills. It's becoming tradition.

Thanks to carey, who agrees there should be a Joker monster truck too and they should go at each other demolition derby style.

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