I Must Have That: Knights Of The Round Table Watch

February 7, 2013


This is a Knights of the Round Table themed timepiece designed by luxury watchmaker Roger Dubuis. As you can see, it features all the knights gathered around the table with their swords drawn ready to yell 'ONE, TWO, THREE -- FAIR MAIDEN TITS!' or whatever the hell their team chant is before rushing out to slay dragons and search for the Holy Grail. Oooooor get blackout drunk in a tavern somewhere then come back to the castle with some fish-tale about how you beheaded a witch and rode a centaur over the moon. The writer over at Gizmodo kind of made fun of the watch for being ugly (which is normally what I would do), but I think it's actually pretty cool looking. Sure it's not for everyone, but neither is dragon slaying, you know? It's best left to us professionals. "You're going to die in a ball of dragon fire." I'm fine with that. After all -- death is the only great adventure I have left. "Did you just quote 'Hook'?" IT'S A GOOD F***ING MOVIE.

Hit the jump for a closeup of a couple of the knights.


Thanks to Jers, who agrees you can ever have too many miniature swords in a watch.

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