HOCUS POCUS: Anamorphic Abstract Sculpture Appears As Realistic Hand When Viewed In Cylindrical Mirror

February 1, 2013


This is a video of a sculpture created by artist Jonty Hurwitz that looks like a giant mess when seen regularly but appears as a realistic hand when viewed in a cylindrical mirror. It really opened my eyes to all new possibilities in secret code development. Take the message I wrote on this mirror for instance. "It's not even coded, you just wrote 'WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME? YES - NO' in lipstick. Hehehehehe, well -- you have to circle one, silly! *quickly circles NO* Oh, I guess we feel differently about each other then. No hard feelings, now read what I wrote on this notepad using the mirror: '.Я∃ⱭЯUM Я∃ⱭЯUM Я∃ⱭЯUM' *stab stab stab!* Haha, NOBODY UNREQUITES MY LOVE. "Did you really just fake stab me?" I'm sorry, but you're not worth going back to jail for.

Hit the jump for a shaky video of the sculpture, as well as a couple other of his pieces including a very worthwhile toad and a couple faces.

Thanks to Shack Janklin, who agrees abstract art is the second best kind of art. First is (and always will be) tasteful nudes.

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