Go Halvsies With Me?: The History Of Video Games For Sale On eBay (Including 331 Consoles, 6,850 Games)

February 7, 2013


eBay user *videogames.museum* is selling his entire video game collection from the past 30 years. It includes over 330 consoles, 6,850 games, 220 controllers, 185 accessories and a ton of other promotional material/special edition stuff. You can download a PDF file of all the systems and games included HERE. The auction starts at $550,000, but so far there haven't been any bidders, probably because who wants another NES when you already have one? It's like, I don't want to have to pay for that.

Hit the jump for a couple more random pictures of the collection but definitely check out the eBay page for a MILLION more shots of everything the auction includes.







Thanks to ~zeus~ and Duccio, who both offered to go halvsies with me and apparently grossly overestimated my ability to keep my bank account out of the negative.

  • We know that eBay is one of the very popular online store which provide everything with reasonable price. Everybody can buy the video games console, cd, etc.

  • The Chadwick

    I had a similar collection once, then realized that it was consuming my life along with my bank account, it was consuming me, I wasn't doing anything else, it was a problem lol. I ended up selling all the games I didn't really play plus all collectables except for a few interesting ones, and sold all my portable (game&watch, game boys etc) consoles and only kept the Nintendo home consoles....and that is every Nintendo home console starting with the dedicated console from 1977 The Color TV Game 6, to Sharp Twin Famicoms, to the Chinese iQue system. Consoles I am nuts about, wont get rid of those. I ended up making $30,000 selling all my stuff. This guy's collection is impressive but there is no way he is going to get half a million for this collections, this guy is going to have to take a bigger hit if he wants to sell all this. He'll sell it for $100,000 maybe $200,000.

  • Lol or just get an emulator:P real talk id have to get the whole collection appraised.

  • He closed the first one and the link in the article goes to it still; reopened it at http://www.ebay.com/itm/OVE...

  • Datku

    Looks like the guy has listed this thing several times now for the $550k and has yet to get a single bid in at least 3 listings. No one is going to spend over half a million dollars on the collection and an even bigger red flag is his ebay user has no feedback either. Sure he claims he created new account just for this auction so he could have some privacy and that he has been ebay since 2000. Still a bit of a red flag because maybe by privacy he means negative comments he wants to hid. So anyone stupid enough to send a 0 feedback ebay seller over half a million dollars + freight fees from Italy and wait while he takes a month or more to pack it all up and try to figure out how to ship it? If so I got a bridge to sell ya real cheap :P

  • Bob Thayer

    Those mini arcade games in the last pic - I had one for Donkey Kong Jr. and Popeye. They weren't back lit - instead they had a translucent panel on the top that light had to shine on in order for you to see anything. They ran on 2 C batteries. Think of them as full color Game And Watch devices.

    I thought they were so awesome when I was a kid. They had a clock and an alarm, too. I remember making sure they were perfectly synchronized, then setting the two alarms to be 10 minutes apart (makeshift "snooze" function by having two alarms!)

    I played the Popeye one to death.

  • Can't decide if this guy is an idiot or a genius...

  • Bobby Steed

    He must have spent a fortune on eBay fees to put so many photos on his auction listing.

  • peter_mil5

    is AVGN dying?

  • Kisses4Katie

    I really want the Rei box. The Biohazard box is cool too.... I have the Lunar one!! :D

  • Kisses4Katie

    The Catherine box and that really rare NES are in the same pic too. Think he would just sell me the corner? :)

  • i just came! :I

  • Idlethoughts

    Glad you could get here, make your self at home and enjoy the geeky articles.

  • Lizzie Norman

    I don't know about everyone else, but I am freaking out over the organisational skills, IT'S A THING OF BEAUTY. Seriously want the Boglins too.

  • AdvancePlays

    To be honest, that's a ridiculously good deal. I'd happily pay that if my budget allowed it!

  • Brant_Alan

    How is $550,000 a good deal? What would you do with all that if you bought it? I assume you'd store it in a room for display like he did? Maybe you'd pull an odd game out to play every so often, and realize wow these games were terrible (not all but many) So you might as well just fill glass cases with stacks of the money instead. I'm certain more people would be impressed.

  • Idlethoughts

    No, they really wouldn't. Well okay, actually the first case would make a good artistic statement, but all subsequent cases would just make you look like a guy who needs a hobby, collecting, for instance.

  • ZerglingPack

    So now this brings into question, what the hell does this guy do for a living...?

  • Bob Thayer

    I know someone who has a massive collection like this. He's a software engineer.

  • Brant_Alan

    He owns a copy of Bad Dudes. Cool guy for sure.

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