Go Halvsies With Me?: The History Of Video Games For Sale On eBay (Including 331 Consoles, 6,850 Games)

February 7, 2013


eBay user *videogames.museum* is selling his entire video game collection from the past 30 years. It includes over 330 consoles, 6,850 games, 220 controllers, 185 accessories and a ton of other promotional material/special edition stuff. You can download a PDF file of all the systems and games included HERE. The auction starts at $550,000, but so far there haven't been any bidders, probably because who wants another NES when you already have one? It's like, I don't want to have to pay for that.

Hit the jump for a couple more random pictures of the collection but definitely check out the eBay page for a MILLION more shots of everything the auction includes.







Thanks to ~zeus~ and Duccio, who both offered to go halvsies with me and apparently grossly overestimated my ability to keep my bank account out of the negative.

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