First Video Of A Thought Being Formed In The Brain

February 1, 2013


This is a brief video from Japan's National Institute of Genetics of what's believed to be the world's first footage of a thought being formed. $10 says Hollywood tries to turn it into a movie. The thought existed in the brain of a zebrafish, and is basically "FOOD!". Haha, I have that exact same thought all the time.

Researchers were able to image visual perception in the fish using a new tool designed just for the purpose -- a super-sensitive fluorescent probe that detects neuron activity, causing neurons to light up when they're activated. In this case, the images are of the activity in neurons as a zebrafish watches a paramecium flit around it, registering the movement of its prey.

Impressive, but most of my thoughts are so complex if you saw them on video it would look like the most spectacular firework display THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. Hook me up, doc. "I'm not getting a single blip." Damn, really? *thinking really hard* "Still nothing." Okay maybe try clipping the electrodes to my nips.

Hit the jump for the brief video of SCIENCE.

Thanks to Alex, who's convinced this brings us one step closer to being able to steal people's thoughts.

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