Finally, A Combination Toilet Paper Holder/iPad Stand

February 7, 2013


Because this is the sad, sad world we live in, here's a $45 iPad Pedestal Stand from CTA Digital. It combines the ass-wiping practicality of a toilet paper holder with the entertainment-while-you-strain-on-the-john accessibility of an iPad. Now I know 100% of the population uses their phones and tablets on the shitter, but this is like, admitting it. That makes it worse in my mind. Let me be real with you for a minute: I spend more time in the bathroom in a day than four normal people, and that's just the truth. It's my Fortress of Solitude. And, despite my 3-4 hour/day habit, there is NO WAY IN HELL I'm buying a $45 combo toilet paper/iPad stand. "Only because you don't have an iPad." I want one so bad!

Thanks to chichi, who doesn't even use the bathroom. She just closes the door and splashes some water around in there to pretend she's like everybody else.

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