Fantasy Footwear: Custom Unicorn/Dragon Hooved Boots

February 26, 2013


Because every girl deserves a pair of unicorn boots in her closet, Etsy seller Oonacat will customize you a pair. The boots (starting at $440) are made-to-order, so you can even suggest your own embellishments. I want mine to leave a rainbow pattern in the dirt! More of a dragon lover? Ditto. She also makes dragon boots with spiky scales. They look weird to walk in since they don't have heels, but I included a video of a girl wearing them, and they don't seem that bad. Don't get me wrong, I'd still roll both ankles and have to lie about how it happened when my girlfriend got home, but God willing I'll at least have the bra and panties back in her dresser by then.

Hit the jump for another shot and video.







Thanks to chichi, who allegedly rode a unicorn to the moon once. Oh I know -- I was there. Riding bareback.

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