Daaaaaw: Disabled Piglet Gets A Lil K'NEX Wheelchair

February 11, 2013


This is Chris P. Bacon, a rudely named piglet who was born without the use of his back legs. But now he cruises around like a pro thanks to the K'NEX wheelchair fashioned for him by Florida veterinarian Dr. Len Lucero. Think 'Charlotte's Web' but with zero spiders and anything else that happened in the book.

If there is one complaint that viewers have, however, is that the wheels seem too light for Chris. However, the vet has since weighed the wheels down by about two pounds, and the wheels work better now. At some point, he will graduate to a larger wheelchair donated by the group known as Handicapped Pets.

Daaaaaaaw, how precious. "I'm still gonna eat bacon." I know you are.

Hit the jump for a shot of the lil piggy (possibly the one who went 'wee wee wee' all the way home) after passing out, and several videos of him in action.


Thanks to beeps, who's never seen a pig in a wheelchair but has seen a lady pushing her cat down the sidewalk in a stroller.

  • lillylangtree

    Oh, I adore this beautiful baby. And we don't eat animals in our home, we love them <3

  • Alliekat

    The 'oink' isn't what humans make it out to be. Just listen and find out for yourself. Pigs don't go oink; the sound they make is whatever I just heard coming from Chris P. Bacon. Ugh, how to put it?

  • derp

    they're delicious when they're 4 pounds. Spare that thing a terrible life of being wheel bound and (humanely) eat it.

  • Soooooooooooo cute!

  • Dr wyvern

    think the back should be havier. So he doesn't lift it. And he uses it to support him while walking

  • soper

    looks almost as ugly as that doom movie =)

  • Nathan Monroe

    HAHAHA! That was the first thing I thought! A PINKY DEMON!

  • Rob in Katy

    Mmmmmmm, tender!!!

  • Zach V

    That's the most adorable thing I've seen all day.

  • Closet Nerd

    Since he's not using his hind legs, can we make bacon from them?!
    .... just sayin

  • Matt Smith

    There is always that one insensitive loser. Congrats.

  • lillylangtree

    I think there is more than one insensitive loser on this post. Maybe the crude commentators would like to be on the other end of their comments. Maybe karma will make that happen :*

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