Beautiful Sun Closeups Taken From Guy's Own Backyard

February 14, 2013


There are some insane sun pictures taken by greeting card designer/self-proclaimed space cowboy (interesting combo) Alan Friedman IN HIS OWN BACKYARD. In my backyard? *peeking out curtains* My roommate passed out in his boxers. Oh -- here comes company! (It's a raccoon)

Using special filters attached to his camera Friedman captures some of the most lovely details of the Sun's roiling surface. The raw images are colorless and often blurry requiring numerous hours of coloring, adjusting and finessing to tease out the finest details, the results of which hardly resemble what I imagine the 10-million degree surface [fact check needed] of Sun might look like. Instead Friedman's photos appear almost calm and serene, perhaps an entire planet of fluffy clouds or cotton candy.

Who knew the sun was so beautiful up-close? Because every time I look at it through binoculars my eyes hurt and I get a terrible headache. Then when I can't see the TV later my mom tells me that's what I get. "Well maybe you should stop doing that." WELL MAYBE I'VE LEARNED TO LIKE IT, OKAY?

Hit the jump for a bunch more.









Thanks to beeps, who prefers an ocean sunset with a tropical drink in hand. Yes please! And to RhymeDirective, who stares at his cell phone in bed at night with only one eye open and then when you look around the room everything is almost pitch black. I like doing that too!

  • Robin Manford

    I don't want to be the guy who has to say this, but before some clown reads this article and tries it:

    Looking at the Sun with binoculars causes instant and permanent blindness. Even looking at the Sun repeatedly with the naked eye can do damage.

  • JJtoob


  • Sanesera

    the last picture.. that crater kinda looks like a heart. xD; D'aw.

  • Sun spot.

  • Closet Nerd

    Looks like an egg.... I wanna FERTILIZE it!!!
    ... just sayin

  • Idlethoughts

    -And that's where star babies come from, just remember to be responsible and use a monolith.

  • Closet Nerd

    I'll be sure to use a 'comet-dom'
    .... just sayin

  • kimastermike

    How is a whip gonna help?

  • Matthias

    "...10-million degree surface of Sun..."

    The surface of the Sun is approximately 5505 °C.

  • Vlad

    or about 9080.33F

  • kimastermike

    Does the wiki say who drew the short straw to stand on the surface of the Sun with a thermometer?

  • Idlethoughts

    It's okay they did it at night.

  • kimastermike

    Well that's a relief... I was worried they might have gone blind, or got a really bad sunburn.

  • Vlad

    They were wearing SPF GOD

  • Vlad

    or.. borrowed Dr Manhattan

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