Count Me In: How To Make Your Own Super Gushers Out Of Regular Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, And Fruit By The Foot

February 21, 2013


Ever dreamed of eating a Gusher THE SIZE OF A SMUSHED BASEBALL? If you're anything like me you have, because three-quarters of my dreams involve overeating. The other quarter are nightmares involving ghosts and my ass. Take a bunch of Gushers, wrap them in a layer of Fruit Roll-Ups, then wrap those in Fruit By The Foot. BOOM -- SUPER GUSHERS. "But where's the actual liquid gush?" Yeah, they kinda f***ed that part up, didn't they? Okay here's what you do: after completing your Super Gusher make sure it's water-tight, then inject it with a Capri-Sun pouch. BOOMSHAKALAKA! "Wow, you're like, REALLY into this." I don't have a lot going on in life right now.

Hit the jump for two more shots of the diabetes ball.



Thanks to chichi, who agrees all fruit snacks are best eaten wadded up into a ball and jammed in your mouth at once. Amen to that!

  • Kwynn Davidson

    definitely the best way to eat it chichi

  • Basilisk222

    Ate it, Was delicious. BUT it required a lot of chewing and my mouth actually kind of started to hurt a bit about 1/2 way through. All in all, good flavor (the fruit roll ups are sometimes a bit bland, but the gushers and Fruit By The Foots are much sweeter) is everything is kind of the same ballpark (Berry) the little ball ends up quite awesome indeed. I think this might be the only one of these I ever make simply due to the fact it was like 5 dollars to make it, but if you can spare the expense, it's worth trying.

  • Alliekat

    The mother of gushers... what is this?

  • Idlethoughts

    No one, Really? *sigh* fine I'll do it.
    Yo dawg, I heard you like gushers...

  • Ariella Diamond

    There has to be something terribly wrong with me because I really want that.

  • GirlFromSpace


  • I don't have a lot going on in life right now. ... http://www.Chooseyourjob72d...

  • GirlFromSpace

    I'm gettin real tired of your shit Carmen.

  • This looks like something Epic Meal Time would do. Here's Candy Sushi:

  • Disgusting and fascinating at the same time. Like a butterfly with diarrhea.

  • Closet Nerd

    I love diarrhea, it is tastey as fuck
    ..... just sayin

  • Closet Nerd

    that is quite the mental picture
    ..... just sayin

  • Inappropriate replies in order of thought.
    1. The best things come on the internet. I mean, from. FROM the internet.
    3. 4:02 never wanted to be a dude's face so bad.

  • $18922249

    Looks like something out of the movie Hook.

  • Enjoy losing your leg to diabetes when you hit 34.

  • Idlethoughts

    That's not how sugar works, unless he's making a habit of this, that is.

  • Why wait?!! *runs out of house and jumps in car*


    I have never seen a more appropriate use of BOOMSHAKALAKA.

  • OMG YES. I would inhale that wad of deliciousness faster than an x'ed out Kirby.

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    speak more of your desire to quickly inhale a intrigues me

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