Count Me In: How To Make Your Own Super Gushers Out Of Regular Gushers, Fruit Roll-Ups, And Fruit By The Foot

February 21, 2013


Ever dreamed of eating a Gusher THE SIZE OF A SMUSHED BASEBALL? If you're anything like me you have, because three-quarters of my dreams involve overeating. The other quarter are nightmares involving ghosts and my ass. Take a bunch of Gushers, wrap them in a layer of Fruit Roll-Ups, then wrap those in Fruit By The Foot. BOOM -- SUPER GUSHERS. "But where's the actual liquid gush?" Yeah, they kinda f***ed that part up, didn't they? Okay here's what you do: after completing your Super Gusher make sure it's water-tight, then inject it with a Capri-Sun pouch. BOOMSHAKALAKA! "Wow, you're like, REALLY into this." I don't have a lot going on in life right now.

Hit the jump for two more shots of the diabetes ball.



Thanks to chichi, who agrees all fruit snacks are best eaten wadded up into a ball and jammed in your mouth at once. Amen to that!

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