Compilation Of Russian Army Troops Singing And Marching To The SpongeBob Theme Song

February 22, 2013


I generally avoid participating in any sort of Gangnam/Harlem shake style memes because they're usually only mediocre to begin with and start beating a dead horse fast, but this is different. It's a compilation video of Russian troops singing and marching to the SpongeBob SquarePants theme. Why? I'm not sure, but the song has never sounded so intimidating. Why do Russians always seem so tough? Somebody actually sent me a bunch of photos this morning of US Marines taking turns drinking cobra blood, and I'm still not sure which group I'd be more afraid to fight. Probably the Ruskies though. "There's plenty of vodka in heaven" I bet their motto is.

Hit the jump for the video, turn on the closed captioning for even more WTFery.

Thanks to Ford, who once marched into battle to the theme song from Captain Planet playing on his iPod. He was the only survivor.

  • Anthony Lewis

    I feel that the length of this video is no coincidence. 4:20 probably had a large influence in this behaviour lol.

  • asdfadfsadsfadsfadsf

    do they take requests? if so I want them to make the my little pony song manly next

  • asdfadfsadsfadsfadsf

    so basically this?

    edit- watched the video, surprisingly nothing at all like that

  • Northeaster

    Actually, I'd much rather fight the Russkies. Sure, they're tough, but they are also probably drunk. During the Cold War, the plan was for each American unit to engage three of four Soviet ones.

  • Mugen

    i can't even begin to address how stupid that makes you sound.
    the 'cold' war? a.k.a 'never met in direct military combat', seriously?
    google/wiki the tsar bomba, then come back and talk to me.

  • The maniacal laughter at 0:34 warms my heart. :)
    Sounds like me when I'm reading Geekologie articles.

  • Dat iz good hearty Russian laugh, comrade! Bwahahahaaa

  • Lee

    Your laughing sounds like a soldier with hair on his chest?

  • A lady never tells. teeheehee


  • DanDan

    The U.S. Army has been doing this song for a while... We sound better.

  • Joel Salazar

    I can totally see them chanting this as they are beating you senseless. I won't do a soviet Russia joke. Someone else can do that

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