Coco Brown Aims To Be First Adult Film Star In Space

February 11, 2013


Because there's a first time for everything, adult film actress Coco Brown (whose films I'm sure we're all familiar with even though we'll pretend we've never seen anything raunchier than the dry-humping they show on Cinemax) plans to be the first adult film star in space. Unfortunately, not to shoot a movie.

Brown has apparently booked a seat aboard a suborbital private space plane for a March 2014 mission arranged by the space tourism company Space Expedition Corporation (SXC).

"I've always had a love of space," the porn star told U.K. newspaper, The Sun. "I'm an adventurous person and I thrive off of excitement. I'm ready to do something that many would never attempt, and I'm going to tackle it successfully and have another fantastic story to tell."

SXC plans to launch passenger flights into suborbital space from the Caribbean island of Curacao using the two-person Lynx space plane under development by the commercial spacecraft company XCOR Aerospace based in Mojave, Calif. The spacecraft is designed to fly one passenger and one pilot to the edge of space and back for a ticket price of about $95,000.

Oh you think you're going to be the first adult film star in space, do you? Not if I get there first! "GW? There's absolutely no way you're a p0rn star." I've made solo videos!

Hit the jump for a video of Coco practicing her weightlessness aboard a plane.

Thanks to Kristin, who agrees every human should get to experience what a boob feels like in space.

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