Call Of Duty Fans Make Entire Line Of Perk-A-Cola

February 5, 2013


Redditor Kjkemme and his sister went and recreated the entire line of Perk-A-Cola found in Call of Duty multiplayer, including the cap tops and nutritional info. Personally, when I play multiplayer games I never go after the power-ups because I feel like it gives me an unfair advantage. You know, being as L337 as I am and all. I'm joking, I don't play online games because I have anger management issues and have threatened to locate and beat up waaaaaay too many shit-talking 12-year olds to feel good about myself.

Hit the jump for a closeup and a bottle's in-game nutritional info.





Thanks to chichi, who called the sodas 'pop'. That -- that's real cute.

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