Beauty Salon 'Ghost Face In The Mirror' Prank (With BONUS Real-Life Backwards Crawling Creepy Girl)

February 25, 2013


WARNING: F-bombs and other choice words.

This is a prank from some beauty parlor where patrons see a ghost face in the mirror in front of them (an actual person behind a two-way mirror) when they're getting their hair did. Plus there's a scary movie playing on the TV. Then, the real kicker -- the demon girl actually comes out and starts backwards-crawling around the place. I -- wow -- I would have stabbed her with a pair of scissors and demanded a free blowout for exorcising the salon.

Hit the jump for the video, it's pretty good.

Thanks to Tamy, who agrees this is exactly why you never go to a salon that was built on top of a burned down church.

  • Edilberto Durano

    Theyre creepy and crazy yet their hairstyles are adorable and cute! I'm wowed.
    Ed of

  • Dave

    So the whole thing was an ad for a shitty movie. I feel dirty.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    ...a shitty movie with a terrible, ridiculous title...

  • Wyatt

    Weak. With the money they spent on setup, they should've spent 5 bucks on a dimmer switch and Slooowly made the face appear. When it clicks on like a light switch, you lose your subtlety!

  • Brant_Alan

    Pretty amateur.

  • Vladplaya

    Seems like they turned the light in the mirror, in like worst time ever when people already talking about it. Should have been more discreet about it, and everyone should have pretended like they didn't see anything.

  • Wyatt

    I Agree!

  • Ross Huddleston

    The key to fear is subtlety.

  • That was rubbish...

  • n11

    Haha, awesome prank. Don't forget about safety control in case one of the victims start to attack the... anomaly.

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