Asleep On The Clock: The Daydreamer Pillowtop Desk

February 5, 2013


This is the Daydreamer Desk, a pillowtopped desk created by Nick Demarco. "I could have designed that." You could have done a lot of things, but you didn't. Don't go raining on other people's parades just because they have the drive to get out there and march around in the rain. I'm joking, you can do whatever the hell you want but we're all going to call you a troll behind your back. If I get drunk enough I may even say it to your face, but you better believe I'm gonna have my pepper spray on the ready in case you try anything stupid. This is the Daydream Desk and, despite being clearly made for a righty, I just bought one because SPOILER: I love napping at work. Oh, hold on -- my boss is trying to mouth something from the door. Yes I'm tired, why do you think I bought a pillow desk on the company's dime? Oh, fiiiiiired. Well this sucks.

Hit the jump for some shots of the desk in use in case the concept is blowing your mind.






Thanks to Shack Janklin, who sleeps at work the old fashioned way: in a bathroom stall. Haha, that's usually what I do too. Or in the bed of my truck.

  • Luke

    This could actually boost office productivity in the long run. I always feel better after a short nap than I did before. The problem is when you end up sleeping too long, you just don't feel well afterwards.

  • If only I had an office job.

  • Closet Nerd

    I always wind up snoring when I sleep at my desk.... I can be heard through the entire office
    ..... just sayin

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