7th Grader Launches Hello Kitty 17-Miles To Space

February 7, 2013


Now listen, I know what you're thinking: "WOW, NICE SHOT J.J. ABRAMS." But shockingly this isn't a scene from the new Star Trek movie, it's actually from one of the video cameras aboard 12-year old Lauren Rojas' "Hello Kitty to Outerspace" science fair project. Me? I made a baking soda and vinegar volcano and wrote an essay about how much cooler the world we be if dinosaurs still existed. I got a purple participation ribbon.

Lauren Rojas, a 12-year-old from Antioch, Calif., got the idea after seeing a television commercial in which a balloon was launched into the sky. She thought she could do the same with her Hello Kitty doll. She would test air pressure and temperature at high altitude for her school's science fair.

Lauren and her father mounted small video cameras on their rocket-shaped gondola to record Hello Kitty's journey. The balloon reached an altitude of 93,625 feet (17.73 miles), Rojas said. There, the air was so thin that the balloon burst, sending Hello Kitty from the sky. It landed in a tree 47 miles from the launch sight, according to Rojas.

Man, now I kinda want to shoot something into space. Forget Hello Kitty though, I want to go there MYSELF. If somebody seriously told me right now they could launch me into space I'd do whatever they said, no questions asked. "Rob a bank?" Just give me the pantyhose.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to le beeps, who told me she'd act as copilot if I ever manage to score a rocketship which is great news because the flightpath I made to the moon went straight through the sun.

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