You're Nuts: Plan To Kidnap A Moon For Our Moon

January 3, 2013


Scientists at the Keck Institute for Space Studies are cooking up a plan to capture an asteroid and place it in our moon's orbit so it can have a little satellite of its own. Cute! Basically the idea is to send a specially designed spacecraft to go bag a tiny asteroid (like, 20-feet wide tiny), then drag it back to the moon. Think 'dragging my @$$hole roommate out into the street in a sleeping bag' but way more complicated.

A captive asteroid would be a lot easier to pick apart and study, not to mention land on. It wouldn't be astronomically expensive, either: at $2.6 billion, the plan's cost lands in the same ballpark as the Curiosity rover. All this could happen sometime in the 2020s, according to the plan.

I'm all for it, I just wish the plan was a little more aggressive. A 20-foot asteroid? That's barely big enough for me to plant a flag on. I say we go for something much larger. After all, if these are my tax dollars at work, I want something I can be proud of. That way, in the future when my grandson and I are out looking at the moon through a telescope I can say, "You see that asteroid there? I paid for that shit. But enough about space, you remind me a lot of your father. Get it? Because he was an accident and I bet you were too! *slapping knee* Now go fetch me a beer."

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Thanks to Cam, who agrees we should at least give ourselves one more moon before we start giving moons moons.

  • puny parrot

    oh just $2.6 billion? Well, let me get my wallet.

  • Kevin

    No we should totally experiment with dragging an asteroid toward Earth. What could go wrong?

  • Tina Furlett

    How on earth would a 20 foot asteroid be easy to land on?!?

  • Kevin


  • superforsyth

    It's only $2.6 billion - hey, the money the government is stealing from my payroll check starting this year has to go SOMEWHERE!

  • Guest

    To a giant floating dingle berry, yeah that's a great use of money. ;D

  • Idlethoughts

    You know after reading the explanation and weighing the costs and risks, this honestly isn't a horrible idea provided we have the technology to pull it off.

  • That will be great when it all goes tits up and the asteroid plummets into the Earth, and takes out some unsuspecting town.

  • Guest

    A fitting name could be "dingle berry" since that. Is how it might appear on a full moon.

  • The Secretary

    They want to put a mini moon around the moon?

    Pft. What a waste of money.

    Give me the Death Star first.

  • JJtoob

    Death Star is more expensive.

  • The Secretary

    But much cooler.

    Waste money on something lame or something cool?

    Besides, we can strike fear into our enemies for once.

  • $18922249

    Dear Geekologie,

    I know that as late I have been absent, and for this I am deeply sorry. However, I found Reddit. I know it's not fair to compare the two, as they are different formats altogether, and GW is kind enough to write original articles for 12k+ posts. However, if Geekologie is like internet marijuana, Reddit is black tar heroin. I can't stop. I'm sorry.

    Thanks for all of the great times. I'll be around.

    Best wishes,


  • Kevin

    Don't worry GW. I still come for the jokes.

  • Proteon

    Nature. Best when fucked with. What could go wrong?

  • BillGatesIsYourDaddy

    I dunno...something on the line of a 20 foot asteroid falling out of the moon's orbit and slamming into Earth.

  • a twenty foot asteroid would burn up in the atmosphere

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Yo Dawg! We put a moon around your moon so you can orbit while you orbit!

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