Your Own 3D Printed Head Atop A PEZ Dispenser

January 30, 2013


Ever wanted your own head on top of a PEZ dispenser? Who hasn't? Well now Hot Pop Factory has devised a way to do just that by scanning your dome using an X-Box Kinect and printing it out using a 3-D printer. I just got mine in the mail today, see? "You look like a 3-D ultrasound of an unborn baby." I do, don't I? I probably should have just gotten drunk with the money instead. Tell you what -- I'll sell it to you for $50. "$30." You're not really going to buy it, are you? "Not a snowball's chance in a men's urinal." Fine, still want a PEZ? "Sure, thanks." Here, have two. Oh -- I dosed those with acid by the way.

Hit the jump for a video of the Kinect head scanning and a couple more shots of finished products if you care but you don't so I probably shouldn't have even wasted my time.




Thanks to beeps, who agrees anyone who has the patience to load a PEZ dispenser instead of just eating them all out of the packaging obviously doesn't have a sugar problem.

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