Yellow Snow: Ski Resort Making Snow From Waste Water

January 15, 2013


Because who doesn't want to barreling down a mountain covered in frozen grossness, the Arizona Snowbowl ski resort has just started making artificial snow with waste water from the town's local sewage treatment plant. It's not actually toilet water though, it's just the water from like, sinks and bathtubs. Both of which I pee in on the regular.

The water used for making snow at the ski area is not drinking water. Studies have found that it contains hormones, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics and other chemicals. There is much debate about whether these chemicals are harmful in small amounts.

Regardless, the discolored snow has meant Snowbowl has to contend with a heightened ick factor. Kaelan Monroe, 11, said he went skiing on New Year's Day and that the conditions were "kind of disgusting."

"The snow is crusty and icy and doesn't look very clean," he said. But that won't keep him from Snowbowl, where he has skied since age 3, he said. "I'm not too worried about face-planting in the snow and getting sick," said Kaelan, who describes himself as a proficient skier.

Listen: I'll be the first person to admit he eats off the floor, but that sounds kind of nasty. I mean, what happens when all that snow melts and those chemicals seep into mountain? Mutant wildlife, that's what. Deer with human tits, rabbits with lips, stuff like that. You know what? Let me call an expert. *phone ringing* Hello, Captain Planet? "Listen GW, I'm kind of busy right now." But you answered the phone! "Well I'm hanging up now." YOU HANG UP ON ME AND I WILL BURN A WHOLE STACK OF TIRES. Hello? HELLO? What a jerk. *opens windows, turns on heater and air conditioning*

Thanks to Kringle Fantastico, hands down the most fantasico Kringle I've ever met.

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