WTF?: Puking Robot Used To Study Human Vomiting

January 3, 2013


Seen here blowing chunks, Vomiting Larry goes for a projectile puking world distance record in a British laboratory. Larry was built to help study how puke is puked, how that vomit particulate spreads disease, and to hopefully help put an end to the norovirus (aka the Winter vomiting bug). *raising the roof* I only puked three times last year and none of them were illness related (two super drunks, one really gnarly roadkill).

Commonly known as the Winter vomiting bug, it has caused over 3000 confirmed cases of vomiting and diarrhoea since the Summer in England and Wales.

For most people it leads to a mild illness and disappears in 2-3 days with no long-lasting effects.

And good old-fashioned hand-washing can help stop it spreading from person to person.

But researchers have been trying to find a cure for over 40 years and it continues to evade them.

You want a cure? I'll give you the cure -- it's called sitting on the john for two days straight shooting lava from both ends and begging for it all to end. Boom -- two days of that misery and you're all better. Unless you have to share a bathroom with someone, in which case there's no curing that relationship.

Hit the jump for a video about the virus, but skip to 2:40 to see Larry doing his thing.

Thanks to Viscouse, Adam, tamar and Pyrblaze, who agree a good vomiting sometimes can be cathartic, but diarrhea -- diarrhea is ALWAYS bad news.

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