WTF?: One Man Drifts Two Cars In Circles Simultaneously

January 18, 2013


Note: I'm not sure if this actually counts as drifting or just donuts but I also don't care, so there's that.

This is a video of some guy spinning donuts in two BMW E30's at the same time by getting one going, then jumping out, getting in the other, and spinning that one around the first one. Amazingly, he does it all without running himself over like you were hoping for. "Oh, and you weren't hoping for it?" Nope! "Just admit it." Let's put it this way: if I had just found a magic lamp that man would be on crutches right now.

Hit the jump for the one-man stunt spectacular.

Thanks to Stephen, who could drift three cars simulatenously if he wanted but only owns a bike and that's not really the sort of thing people will let you borrow their cars for.

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