WTF Fashion: Weird Melting Leg/Dripping Paint Tights

January 30, 2013


Women's fashion: it's weird and I don't understand it. There may have been a point in my life when I feel like I WANTED to understand it, but that was back when I was a kid and still trying on my mom's dresses and heels. The late high school/early college years. These are a bunch of tights from URB that make it look like your cyborg crotch is melting/there's paint dripping down your legs. Which makes sense because they're made by dripping latex down a pair of nude (or colored) stockings and letting it dry. So if you want to save yourself $50, that's how you make them. Just don't come blaming me if yours don't turn out as good looking. Why WERE you making them anyways? Please tell me to sell on Etsy and not to wear. "To sell on Etsy and not to wear." YOU'RE LYING TO ME. And do you know what I do when I find out I'm being lied to? "Cry about it?" *sobbing* HOW COULD YOU?!

Hit the jump for a bunch of other colors.









Thanks to PYY, who agrees current fashion trends are pretty much limited to looking as ridiculous as possible, or homeless.

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