WTF Did I Just Watch?: Extreme Pogo-Sticking Video

January 17, 2013


Listen: you just have to watch his thing to believe it. It starts off kind of slow though, so skip to around 1:08 for it to really get going. They do all sorts of crazy tricks like flips, rail-slides, swinging the pogo stick around over their heads mid-jump -- all kinds of crazy shit. It seriously raised my respect for pogo-sticking to all new heights. "What was it before?" The same as yours, zero. "And now?" How high does the scale go? "Let's say ten." Hmm, then now it's about an eight. A sideways eight. Like this: ∞. "So infinity?" AND BEYOOOOOOOND! (I just took a whole handful of pet meds)

Hit the jump and have your mime BLOWN (or at least pretending like he's getting a HJ).

Thanks to flaTspotting, who was just as impressed as I was and we're going to spend the rest of the day talking about our favorite parts of the video and you can't some so there! "I didn't want to come anyways." You're just saying that to hurt our feelings!

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