White House Responds To Petition To Build Death Star

January 14, 2013


Because what good is the internet if we can't use it to waste government resources and increase taxes, a petition to start construction of a Death Star by 2016 was proposed on the White House's website. And, since the petition garnered nearly 35,000 signatures, the White House made an official statement regarding the feasibility of the proposal. SPOILER: Not gonna happen. I know, it's a real blow to everyone who hates the other planets in the solar system as much as I do.

Thanks to the hundred of who who sent this, but if I tried naming you all and somehow forget one I'd feel awful, so I'm just going to not risk it. I'M SORRY OKAY?

  • Lee

    34,435 Signatures.... My faith in humanity dropped

    - I do like the remark about Canadians being among the 6 in the ISS though. - Go Canada

  • This was amusing.

  • Lee

    Wanna see amusing? Search through the other petitions under 'popular'

    - 'Recount the Election' 68,000 sigs
    - 'Recognize Pharmacists as health care providers!' 38,000 sigs
    - 'Not Allow The FDA To Regulate Premium Cigars' 35,000 sigs

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