Where Was That When I Was A Kid?: TARDIS Play Tent

January 8, 2013


I mean, it would have been cool as a kid, but I'm still going to buy one and sleep in it. This is the $90 TARDIS play tent available from ThinkGeek. The tent stands just short of six-feet tall and the inside walls are even printed to look like the interior of the TARDIS. I'm going to throw pajama pizza parties in it for all my friends! "What friends?" Well it's not that big anyways.

Hit the jump for a shot of the interior.


Thanks to C-MATT, who still wants a race car bed. Me too!

  • Thor

    Y THERE NO 10TH DOCTOR INSIDE??? David Tennant is the BEST!

  • picklegal1

    That'll be awesome if any kid pretended to be The Doctor

  • CrusaderDad

    There's a huge line of other play tents i've seen at www.outdoorfuntime.net... funny though, it just feels like Habitrail for kids! I still remember making forts out of blankets and chairs!

  • noctyrne

    sadly not larger on the inside...

  • Erik Andersson

    You might see a cute kids play thing, but I see the coolest grow tent ever made!

  • Kerbain

    You obviously had a bad childhood. I had a tardis tent, even had an inflatable blue light on top!

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