Well That's Lame: Hyperspace Travel Probably Not As Cool Looking As It Is In The Movies

January 16, 2013


Note: Picture is actual picture of what they think it would look like. So basically you won't know if you're hyperspacing or just died.

In news that shouldn't surprise anyone who's actually hyperspaced before, a group of physics students have calculated what they believe it would look like, and it's boring. The FEELING of hyperspace travel though *shivers* it's like...I can't even describe it. It's like being shot out of a cannon, having an orgasm (from oral) and eating your favorite food all the same time.

As the spaceship makes the jump to hyperspace, the wavelength of the light from the stars would shift out of the visible spectrum into the X-ray range. Meanwhile, Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR), which is thermal radiation that is spread fairly uniformly across the universe and is thought to be left over from the Big Bang, would shift into the visible spectrum, appearing to the crew as a central disc of bright light.

Well now I'm not even sure I want to hyerspace travel anymore. No laserbeam light trails or anything? I wish somebody would have told me this before I got so high. "And what would have done differently?" ACID. Let my brain make its own zoom-zoom trails.

Thanks to LastDimension, who obviously knows what hyperspace travel looks like because he had to get here from the last dimension somehow, didn't he?

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