TNT Made Another One Of Those Crazy 'Push The Button To Add Drama' Commercials

January 25, 2013


Remember the first 'Push to Add Drama' ad made by TNT? Well here's a new one from Holland that's even crazier than the first. It's got everything: sniper fire, kidnapping, explosions, naked dudes running around, you name it. "Zoo animals?" No zoo animals. "Boat chase?" No boat chase. "Why don't they ever make these in the US?" Good question. 1) Some patriot with a real gun would try to be a hero or 2) all the witnesses would sue for emotional damages. "True." I'm on the phone with my lawyer right now because the music they used almost gave me a panic attack.

Hit the jump for the commercial.

Thanks to Salazar, who would have beat up everybody, taken all the money, saved the girl, and rode off into the sunset IN A MONSTER TRUCK. F*** yeah!

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