The Ol' Invisible Driver Fast Food Drive-Thru Prank

January 9, 2013


Ghost rider.

This is a video of a guy tricking fast food drive-thru employees into thinking there's nobody driving his car. He does it by SPOILER: disguising himself as the car seat. Pretty clever. Plus a great way to fool the cops if they ever pull you over! At least until they start blindly firing their tazers through the window.

Hit the jump for the video. I've got to admit, he did a way better job at the prank than I did (I just put a cinderblock on the gas pedal and let the car do its thing).

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who tried to do the same thing on his bike by disguising himself as a basket but it didn't fool anyone.

  • thedawg

    It would be funnier if he made a dog drive the car!

  • Jonny Campbell

    Or a baby.

  • dx_xb

    Oh snap

  • DarkRyNo

    Why... was there first thought... OMG its a ghost? We do live in the 21st century here, i would have at least thought it was radio controlled for crying out loud!

  • asdfadfs

    fastfood workers are a superstitious and cowardly lot

  • Sylvain Gagn√©

    Very funny prank! lol!

  • Evangelos

    Hmmm, this video makes me wonder why black people always die in scary movies first?! Most of the ones in the video seem pretty level headed and calm... Not like the blonde girl who started crying and probably needs therapy now lol.

    Also, and I really don't mean to sound racist and totally don't think anyone of any race all look the same, but as someone who grew up watching "All That" I must ask; Is that Kenan's twin @2;22? Eerily even sounds like him.

  • Suarga

    I know where you're coming from, I always base reality off of scary movies.

  • Evangelos

    I was being facetious...

  • Suarga

    I was being fastidious.

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