That Would Look Great In My Trophy Room (If I Had A Trophy Room): Star Wars Taxidermy Head Mounts

January 10, 2013


This is a small gallery of Star Wars creature taxidermied head mounts. They're all just mediocre Photoshop jobs though, they're not real. Of course, for the right amount of money I'm sure somebody would be more than happy to make them real for you. Me -- I'm talking about me. And that amount of money is...actually, I don't even want your money. I want you to kidnap my roommate. Skype me if you're interested, I'll be the guy with a grocery bag over his head talking through the Darth Vader voice changer.

Hit the jump for two more.



Thanks to Krame, who once bagged a Tusken Raider on a hunting expedition but then got thrown in space prison because they're like, a humanoid species and not animals.

  • JuJoo Guppy

    Yeahhhh, I'm sorry to say, if this fooled you GW, you need to drink a little less.. or more, maybe its more. Regardless, this is a horribly done PS job. They could've at least tried to blend it with the scene...

  • OrehRatiug

    Did you read the article?

  • toe-footer


  • GizmoDuck

    FAKE! Photoshopped. The shadows are all wrong.

    Its like that one time in Never Back Down when Kenny was picking up Lucy from the school dance but had to make a pit stop to grab a hot dog. Come to find out that hot dog was just a bowl of cereal the entire time. Kenny then killed himself. Lucy stole a bike and rode off a cliff

  • Idlethoughts

    She only comments on things which look photoshoped, this seems legit.

  • Who would kill a sweet innocent Bantha? :(

  • Farquar


  • Rayn_A

    Dat dropshadow.

  • Vladplaya

    Looks like pretty bad photoshop job, its funny to say it, but the lighting is all wrong haha

  • monaycrusher

    I guess you could say they weren't...Headstrong. AHHHH YEAHHHHH

  • messymediauk

    Real sculptures would have been news-worthy. I could have made you some of these shitty PS designs in 5 minutes. Could probably even make better one's in Microsoft Paint!

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