TELL ME MORE: Some Dinosaurs May Have Shaken Their Feathered Asses To Attract Potential Mates

January 4, 2013


According to a recent paleontology report, birdlike dinosaurs of the genus Oviraptor may have shook their ass feathers like some modern-day birds do to attract mates. *comes running* Thanks for the show guys, but really -- the feather shaking wasn't necessary.

Studying oviraptor fossils, as well as present-day birds and reptiles, and digitally recreating an oviraptor tail helped the team conclude that, like peacocks and turkeys, oviraptors shook their tail feathers to attract mates.

"You have, I think, a tail that is specifically adapted to flaunt its feathers," said Scott Persons, study author and doctoral student at the University of Alberta. "Swish it from side to side, show off the tail, strike a sinuous pose and hold it."

Anybody else feel like reading that was like reading erotic fan nonfiction? No? Just me? Well I'm not here to judge, but you all must be into some seriously freaky shit if that didn't give you a boner.

Thanks to Will, Robert, Nickw22, Tom the Mighty and Michael, who all have pretty normal names for once. No PECKER #9 or anything.

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