Tattooed Zombie Boy Before And After Tattoo Concealer

January 31, 2013


This is a (2011 and already well-watched) video demonstration/advertisement for Dermablend's tattoo concealer featuring 26-year old zombie boy Rick Genest. Obviously, it's some sort of space-age miracle product.

A team of three makeup artists worked in just one day using about 4 tubes of Dermablend Professional Leg and Body Tattoo Primer and Leg and Body Cover to conceal Genest's skeletal tattoos from the waist up. In the jaw-dropping, three-minute clip, we see the final result.

"I think I'm going to get a job now," Genest jokes as he looks into the mirror.

A job, LOL. Don't do it bro, working sucks. As a matter of fact, I've seriously been considering getting 'I STEAL OFFICE SUPPLIES' tattooed across my forehead just so I don't have to do it anymore. You think I could collect disability for that? "For sure, plus if you let me break one of your legs you can collect double." Not bad! If you do them both can I get triple? I don't use my right arm that much either.

Hit the jump for AMAZING TRANSFORMATION. It was seriously like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly except waaaaaay nothing like that at all.

Thanks to whoever sent me this whose email I tried to find but couldn't because I was mid-bender when I marked this to write about last night. That's my bad (also partially your bad for not including 'zombie' or 'tattoo' anywhere in the email).

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