Swim For Your Life!: Dolphin Stampede Video

January 10, 2013


Sorry folks, I was having a little laptop trouble this morning so I had to break it over my knee and go buy a new one. THERE WAS NO OTHER OPTION. In hindsight I kind of regret not backing it up first though. This is a video of a dolphin stampede captured by Dolphin Safaris in Dana Point, California. I'm not sure if stampede is actually the proper terminology, but what else are you gonna call a whole bunch of dolphins going apeshit together? SPOILER: Getting your whale-watching tour money's worth.

Hit the jump for the video, which includes some BONUS underwater footage and constantly talking tour guide and tourists.

Thanks to Marauder, who would have lassoed one of those suckers and ridden it straight to Atlantis. WHOA -- that's a long ride.

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