Strip Poker!: Official Legend Of Zelda Playing Cards

January 7, 2013


This is a set of official Legend of Zelda playing cards. Fun fact you probably already knew: Nintendo actually started as a playing card manufacturer all the way back in 1889. That's true. These Japanese-release only card sets were made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Zelda franchise and will set you back around $30 on Amazon (although you can get them as low as $17 if you're comfortable ordering from a sketchier retailer). Unfortunately, I already bought that last set of Zelda playing cards , so I'm good. I use them to play strip poker with my friends! "Those are stuffed animals." THOSE ARE MY FRIENDS. Mrs. Honeybear got some hairyass nips!

Thanks to Claire, who asked me to play Go Fish and got all pissed off when I came back with a shark and declared myself the winner.

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