Stab Stab, Taze Taze!: 8.8-Million Volt Dual Ninja Swords

January 30, 2013


This is the 8.8 Million Volt Shock Mod Ninja Sword built by Youtuber GreekGadgetGuru (who has a bunch of other videos of terrifying weapons he's made like an Assassin's Creed poison dart shooter, taser gloves, ballistic knives, and an arm-mounted crossbow). It's basically two identical ninja swords attached to each other that you can send electricity through to zippity-zap the make-believe enemies in your bedroom while you swing it around in the dark. Right now a taser has to be applied to the end of the sword to get the juice flowing, but dude is working on running the taser through a glove so you can activate the shocking capabilities at your sword-wielding convenience. I don't know, I feel like if you just for-real hacked somebody with dual ninja swords, maybe blasting them with 8-million volts might be a little overkill. Even where I live on the moon that's considered cruel and unusual and we don't even have any laws yet. We're kind of, how do I put this -- SPACE COWBOYS. *spins revolver on finger until it spins off and floats away* Dammit, that was my last one.

Hit the jump for the video, skip to 3:10 if you just want to see the zapping action.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who likes to hide behind me door when I get home and jump out at me with a knife to make sure I'd be be able to properly defend myself. We've both gone to the hospital twice.

  • Edgar Zubakin

    Hey guys! It's reality now, but it needs to be supported, check out plaese and share!;)>


    this is more a raiden from metal gear weapon than anything else

  • MC

    Interesting concept, however it would not be very efficient when battling evil. You might stun yourself and get butchered while you lay on the floor twitching.

    May I suggest you first get a real sword such as a full length Katana; preferably forged in Mount Doom and of Dwarf star material, with a lightning rod for a handle. Also, you are lacking a tsuba (hand guard), try making one out of a Tesla coil! Then it would surely be a blade worthy of Thor's Mul#¡në@R.

  • Gilberto Egypto

    You guys all heard doctor bruce baner, lets work people, hulk need a katana with dwarfen skin all over it.

  • MC

    It's Dr. Bruce BaNnER, grrahahh-AHHHH! HULK SMASH!

    5hgn!n!!serkjdhmHjksgJgJgksSj,bJ !

    Error:  c000021a {Fatal System Error}. system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0xc000026c (0x00000000 0x00000000)

  • Idlethoughts

    Odd, at least four people "liked" you when you were angry.

  • balashi

    Shock Damage 1000pts on Target

  • jimmy

    A ninja would never use that.

  • Idlethoughts

    Your move robots.

  • Yoyoswagyolo

    I have had this idea since grade 6.

  • Yoyoswagyolo

    I even still have the blueprints I drew in 2006.

  • Robot

    So I take it I can't hold the sword while shooting the raw power of lightening through its metal veins? because that would be pointless.

  • 大川 JMizu

    Dead Island weapon mods IRL

  • JJtoob

    I thought that was the wooden sword Masamune.

  • a ninja

    nvrmnd i feel dumb now

  • a ninja

    8.8, sry kinda drunk

  • a ninja

    kilo=1000, mega=a million. 18 kilovolts, not 18 megavolts, its 18 thousand volts

  • Flopp

    The packaging reads "8800KV", which probably means 8800 kV.
    8800 kV = 8800 * 1000 V = 8800000 V = 8.8 MV
    So "mega" is correct!

  • ffelix

    Yeah. 8.8MV out of a handheld device? Not a single stun-gun or "taser" in the entire fucking world produces more than 60,000V between its terminals. In fact, if the terminals (or "prongs") are less than an inch apart, it wont be producing more than 30kV across them.

  • ffelix

    Yeah, it's cool, and I wouldn't want to fuck with a dude holding any kind of sword with sparks bolting out of it...
    But that thing you're energizing it with: IT'S NOT A TASER. It's a god damn stun gun. Stop saying 'taser' just because it sounds cooler than 'stun gun', which you probably think sounds "DORKY AND BORING, BRO!".
    And your 8.8 million volts is complete bullshit. No handheld stun gun in the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD (let alone an actual Taser) produces more than 100,000 volts across its terminals. It's physically impossible. Cheap made-in-third-world-country stun guns are all over-rated because their distributors think they can sell more if they market them with bigger numbers, and is usually the only thing we understand on the package, otherwise covered in garbled engrish. Exaggerating your so-called-weapon's capabilities only works on ignorant Bros who buy swords made in China and call them "Ninja Swords". Think about that one for a bit.


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