Spider Man And Venom Full Back Comic Panel Tattoo

January 11, 2013


Note: Higher res version HERE.

This is a tattoo inked by Pablo of Level Up Tattoo Studio in Great Falls, Montana. Me? I've never taken a great fall in Montana, but I did eat shit down the apartment stairs this morning. Thankfully the only person who saw it was this ancient geezer who lives on the floor below me. He asked if I was okay and I was all, 'Okay?! If that had been you, your bones would have disintegrated! WELL -- are you going to help me up? Jesus, did they not teach manners in medieval times?' That's when he spat and tried to poke me with his cane! Old people these days!

Thanks to Donna, who works at the shop and promised to hook me up with a quality dino tat if I'm ever in Montana and can decide what species I want. Decisions, decisions.

  • Do I spy the Infinity Gauntelet Tattoo on his Left Arm?

  • felipepalha

    Is this the same guy with the gigantic back that had a Hyrule shield tattoo a while back?

  • T1mown

    No, because he has this tattoo on his back....

  • felipepalha

    Nah, I went to the tattooer`s website on that one. Turns out it was just a "proof of concept"or something. Not a real tattoo. This one is probably the same deal. Just something they do to show off skills.

  • Doostin

    Who gets an anti-venom tattoo?

  • Kait Edwards

    this tattoo artist is phenomenal

  • Donna Levelupshopmanager
  • Mark

    The facebook link doesn't seem to be working.

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    "Wow, your Spider-Man tattoo is SO HOT!" said no woman ever.

  • T1mown

    Hey, my Girl is a huge spider-man fan, and loves my spider web tattoos. you logic is flawed

  • Whatever, nerdy shit is super sexy. Don't be jealous. ;)

  • GizmoDuck


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