Sounds Quality: Spaghetti That Cooks In 8-Seconds

January 28, 2013


Allegedly 8 Second Spaghetti from Royal Chef can cook in boiling water in 8-seconds. How, I don't know, presumably because it's already been cooked (or made from 100% unnatural, cancer-causing ingredients) and you're just heating it up. Kind of like how SpaghettiO's are ready to go STRAIGHT FROM THE CAN. Just pop the top, stab a fork in there, and cross your fingers you get a mini-meatball. Speaking of -- the last time I ate SpaghettiO's one of the meatballs had something hard in it. I was going to spit it out to see what it was but I was afraid I might get grossed out and turned off to SpaghettiO's and they're really important to me so I just swallowed it. If I had to guess though I'd say it was a tooth.

Hit the jump for a video of an 8-second cooking in process.

Thanks to PYY, who still cooks pasta the old fashioned way: with love. Just like your Italian grandma used to. "But I'm German." That's what you think!

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