This Guy Sounds Legit: Craigslist Ad Requesting Ladies Interested In Star Trek Role Playing (In A Garage)

January 18, 2013


Note: Higher res version HERE for people who value their vision.

This is the Craigslist ad from Edmonton, Canada of a 31-year old looking for a couple lucky ladies to role play some Star Trek: Next Generation with him. I'm pretty sure it's just a joke post though, because I refuse to believe brobro actually built an Enterprise bridge and shuttlecraft in his mom's garage. Which is a shame too because with the right wig I would make one hell of a sexy Deanna Troi. ANSWER MY EMAILS, JERK.

Thanks to Amy Mac and Jennn, who agree when somebody tells you nothing is weird is going to happen, you should expect the weirdest.

  • Bree Flowers

    It HAS to be a fake. I mean we all remember what happened the last time someone built a set in a garage in Edmonton and solicited people on Craigslist... a joke in poor taste.

  • Adjel

    I live in Jacksonville, FL and just north of me in Kingsland, GA these guys have built entire sets of TOS stuff and make their own movies. I'm not talking cheap sets...they spend virtually every Saturday ALL DAY on the sets, and I tell you, they look just like the studio sets, only BETTER. "Kirk's" bedroom, the transporter room (incredible), sickbay, a Romulan bridge, a tubolift, and others built in a warehouse. I totally believe this ad is legit, because these guys in Georgia are certainly not the only ones doing this stuff!

  • guest

    I see he has a script pad, and hes not afraid to write em!

  • Guest

    fake but a well done fake, I give it an 8/10

  • Helvis

    I live in edmonton... might have to get in to some star wars drag and check this out!

  • Theoren Morris

    Is this Melllvar?

  • JuJoo Guppy

    Lets see. Hardcore Star Trek (TNG, NOT TOS!!!!) rp by 31 year old, in his mothers garage... wants 2 ladies specifically, for them to be 'stranded' in the shuttle craft.. has an rx pad for w.e strikes your fancy... is very uptight about you bringing your own props / suit and making sure its TNG, yet it doesnt really matter if its all too accurate.. ( ? )

    All this, and nothing weird is going to happen.

    Yeahhhh, no. If it happens, thats plenty of weird right there.

  • Michael James

    Well as long as nothing weird is going to happen...

  • Of course there will be no nudity or touching. His mind would melt otherwise.
    There will, however, be plenty of weirdness.

  • Polus Leros

    I see this turning into a TNG Silence of the Lambs mashup. It rubs the dilithium crystals on the skin or it gets the phaser set to stun again!

  • Malcolm Reynolds


  • This guy is trying to get women to join him but he immediately talks trash about Kirk? No thanks.

  • Keno

    I've got strep throat. Might have to give this guy a call...

  • Chewieconcarne

    Not sure if scam, or loser...

  • relawson

    nothing about the RX pad? come on! lol

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