So It's Come To This: iPhone Case With Cup Holder

January 24, 2013


Honestly, how good can an iPhone case be if doesn't have a cup holder? Mad shitty at best, right? Enter the UpperCup, an iPhone case that promises to remedy that. Like the ramen soup bowl iPhone holder, the UpperCup is part of a growing trend to get hot liquids as close as possible to your phone. Unfortunately, the UpperCup is just an Indiegogo project at the moment, so you're going to have to donate and pray nightly that other people are going to donate too if you want one. A real shame, I know. Which is why I just duct-taped my phone to a Starbucks cup. $400 says I throw it away when I'm done with the coffee.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of the game changer.



Thanks to chichi, who agrees who needs an iPhone case with a cupholder when they're still manufacturing those beer helmets.

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