Smart Move: LucasFilm Ditches Work On 3-D Re-Release Of Crappy Prequels To Focus On New Film

January 29, 2013


Well, that saves me organizing two picket lines.

In news that pleases me (but not nearly as much as if they'd never existed), LucasFilm has decided to cease work on the 3-D theatrical re-release of the other two crappy Star Wars prequels, deciding instead to focus its efforts on J.J. Abram's new film in the franchise. "Don't you f*** this up, JJ!" the Geekologie Writer was quoted yelling from his balcony at a lady pushing a stroller down the sidewalk. Per Deadline exclusive:

I learned of this decision just now from Lucasfilm's promotional partners who are telling me the studio now owned by Disney wants to focus only on "rebooting the franchise" with three new Star Wars films. This surprising decision follows the underwhelming box office performance of Episode I: The Phantom Menace re-released in 3D in February 2012. It debuted to only $23M domestically but maybe even more importantly hardcore fans felt it was yet another craven cash grab by George Lucas.

Truthfully, I'd already forgotten they were still planning on re-releasing those turds in 3-D. At least now we won't have to see all the promotional garbage surrounding the next too. So don't get your hopes up for any Mace Windu edition Mountain Dew. "Damn." I know, that would have actually been okay. "But I wanted to DO the WINDU." Trust me, I know you did. I had my eye on the that little flying junk-seller.

Thanks to Silvermidnight, taylor, Gom and Shannon, who had every intention of attending those screenings and licking and throwing Sour Patch Kids at the screen trying to get them to stick. I do that at rom-coms!

  • rosie1843

    Fuck Disney and fuck them for cancelling the 3D releases of AOTC and ROTS.

  • bruce allen stolp

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  • Kenlin Bros

    Wait, so they're still showing the original trilogy? Because seeing them up on the big screen would still be a kick (and you could swap out your lenses with a friend to ignore the 3D)

  • grahamfelts

    I'm so happy I cried...

  • Brant_Alan

    I can now accept God into my life.

    Joking but it's a start.

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