Sadness: Company Offering Fake Facebook Girlfriends

January 21, 2013


In news that shouldn't surprise anybody who knows how tedious it is maintaining their own fake Facebook girlfriend, a Brazilian company is now offering virtual relationships for a weekly fee (Note: this isn't a new business concept, just the latest iteration. I previously covered other fake Facebook girlfriend services HERE and HERE). For $39 you get an 'In a relationship with Suzy McHottypants' and ten comments a week. Wait, ten comments -- that's it? I'll be your virtual girlfriend for half that price and FLOOD YOUR WALL talking about your magical your peenor is. It's like, a unicorn horn but ever MORE specular. Have any of you other girls seen it? BECAUSE I'LL CUT YOU IF YOU HAVE. Back off my man, skanks!

Thanks to le beebs, who's not sure which is sadder -- paying for a fake Facebook girlfriend, or making your own (it's making your own -- that makes you a genuinely crazy person).

  • fleity

    was featured here Oo

  • Brant_Alan

    The best part being that assuming you do this, then someone who is actually interested in you will pass by seeing you are already in a relationship. This is a huge lose-lose. You don't actually get laid by anyone and and you never will thanks to the service.

  • Tim Cole

    Wow, I thought for sure this was going to be a Japanese site

  • Lee

    Hey isnt that the same country for postage the Nigerian Prince asked me to send my cash & Visa information for silk n gold?

  • GigiAUT

    Waste of money. Make a fake profile and do it yourself for free. I know people that have even married themselves :D

  • Joel Lamm
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