Real .50-Caliber Bullet Round Beer Bottle Opener

January 31, 2013


Ever wanted to open a beer bottle with a bullet? Don't be a sissy, just shoot the top off. But for the rest of you who aren't from West Virginia like I am, there's the .50-caliber Bullet Bottle Opener. It costs $8 and is made from a real Browning Machine Gun round. Me? I open beer bottles with my teeth. Everybody always cringes when I do, but sometimes it's good to let people know you're a little bit crazy. Plus sometimes I'll stare them dead in the eyes and mash my tits together as hard as I can. Like I'm trying to squeeze my BFF necklace into a diamond.

Oh shit, did somebody say action shot?! "No." Too bad, hit the jump for a picture of the opener in use!


Thanks to Az, who can allegedly slingshot the top off a beer bottle from 30 paces. Whoa -- look out, Goliath!

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