Plane Comes Within Feet Of Hitting Camerawoman

January 23, 2013


This is a video from some lady standing around on a runway in Texas when a biplane swoops down out of the sky and almost touches her. Amazingly, her screaming is the best part of the whole video, which is kind of hard to believe because when is screaming ever good? I'm only used to hearing one kind of screaming -- the kind in the bedroom. WAAAAH, I DON'T WANT TO GET UP, I HATE THE MORNING.

Hit the jump for the dammit Darwin, you let us down.

Thanks to Peter A and Bryant, who would have grabbed a hold of that plane AND SOARED LIKE EAGLES. Oooooor gotten chopped up in the propeller. You gotta be quick!

  • Goegeta

    Missed it by that much...

  • RiotDemon

    I feel bad for the pilot. Im sure he was more scared than these idiots.

  • bjbjb
  • JimmyThr

    Copyright claim by Those Crazy Texans.


  • Brett R

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone.


  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAND then there was a copyright claim

  • Lee
  • Anodos

    They were all like "WOW, DUDE....WHATS AN AIRPLANE DOING ON a RUNWAY? YOLO!"

  • JJtoob

    Check your pantaloons for a surprise.

  • geekgirl

    imagine this in 3d...... :D

  • Anodos

    SHHHH! Great, just gave someone the idea of 2 hours of this......hmmm.......

  • Johnnyaviator

    get off the runway when the plane's coming through. i fly, and had kids riding bikes on the runway once. I guess they couldnt hear me. So full throttle right over their heads definitely woke them up. they were gone after my go around.

  • Brant_Alan

    I first read that as "Within Feet of Hitting Catwoman"

  • Keno

    Same here. Guess we are on the right site. ;)

  • inb4 do a barrel roll

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