Pet Tortoise Found Alive In Locked Storage After 30 Years

January 29, 2013


Seen here looking pissed as hell, Manuela the red-footed tortoise reluctantly poses for a picture after having gone missing from the Almeida family residence in 1982. Turns out they'd just accidentally locked her in a storage room on the second story of their house for the last 30 years! That, wow, that's just terrible caretaking. Even most pet rocks wouldn't survive that. seems Manuela was hanging out for 30 years in the upstairs storeroom where Leonel Almeida, the father, kept all sorts of old junk he hadn't gotten around to fixing up.

When Leonel died earlier this month, Leandro and his siblings decided to clean out the storeroom, and that's how Manuela came to be by the curb.

According to veterinary scientist Jeferson Pires, tortoises like Manuela are remarkably resilient creatures, and can survive two to three years without eating anything. While they typically subsist on an omnivore's diet in the wild, the Almeidas think Manuela got by on termites.

Granted I didn't know some tortoises can go two or three years without eating anything, but what about drinking? Was there some water supply in the room? Did the family never hear her crawling around up there and open the room to check for ghosts? When reached for comment, Manuela the tortoise had this to say, "F*** you guys, let me outside."

Thanks to Hornito, who found his missing hamster after eight years. Wait -- I thought hamsters only live like two? Oh -- oooooh, I'm sorry man.

  • Just Me

    I also call BS....These people just wanted the 15 minutes they hear about.

  • Peatun

    Definite BS, there's a computer monitor in the background and those style are 15 years old or less.

  • Guest

    I'm with you on that one and I think it's BS too... The turtle might have sneaked in one day and couldn't get out or any other explanations.

    BUT you might want to do a reality check : we're in 2013, minus 30 that's 1983. That monitor looks like it's STRAIGHT UP from that year! ;)

  • Brant_Alan

    Just because the photo is of the turtle in this location doesn't mean that this is where the turtle was for 30 years.

  • migdelina

    I'm sure it was dead already and it was just a shell... and Leonel simply reencarnated in it....

  • Kevin

    I'm calling B.S. on that one. No way a tortoise that small could go even more than a year without food and even though they are omnivores in the wild, protein aka termites make up a very small percentage of their diet so several years on solely termites would result in shell deformities and death. Also, red foots are a tropical species that require high humidity and lots of water to drink. My yellow foots will drink for 20 minutes at a time if I leave the hose running in their enclosure. That guy would have died of kidney failure within a few months.

  • Hey Kevin, the original story says the house is in Rio de Janeiro, which probably has the high humidity the turtle required. Not sure about the water but maybe a leaky roof.

  • Andrew

    Tortiouscape 2013!

  • It's pretty obvious it's a zombie

  • Anodos

    I....I outlived you all.....

  • Ana

    Great news about the tortoise, but... how can people keep junk like that in the house? And for 30 years!? That's disgusting! What is so difficult in cleaning a little bit every year so you don't end up like a hoarder and/or lose your pet.

  • wow thats sad as hell

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