Oh Look, It's A Couple Seconds Of The Giant Squid Video

January 9, 2013


This is a couple seconds of that giant squid video that's supposed to come out later this month. This clip was aired on some morning news program, where Miami correspondent Doug Herpaderp had this to say: "Of course, after yesterday's news of the baby giant squid and this one, I will be rethinking my morning dip in the Miami Beach waters here after this newscast." Oh, morning news program, you never fail to remind me why I get all my news online.

According to [giant squid team leader] Kubodera, they live "a solitary existence, swimming about all alone in the deep sea. It doesn't live in a group, so when I saw it, well, it looked to me like it was rather lonely."

"It looked to me like it was rather lonely." See? That's how they get you. One minute it's looking all lonely and you're starting to feel sorry for it, next thing you know it's humping your sub to pieces.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Slasha Slim and big sexy, both their real birth names. Lucky!

  • SuperFRANK

    Guy is a knob. The squid has never been seen alive before and he's changing his morning swim. So tough and handsome.

  • Guest

    LOL @ Trollfaced squid.

  • GizmoDuck

    I wonder if it likes to eat pizza

  • Guest

    you posted this yesterday dummy!

  • KLR_Steve

    GW posted about the announcement yesterday. This post is about the footage that was just released.

  • Kevin

    At first it was like, "Gotcha bitch!" and then it was like "You my hooker now. Time for me to take my prize."

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