Not Surprised: Game Of Thrones Wedding Invitations

January 23, 2013


This is a line of Game of Thrones themed wedding invitations designed and sold by Etsy seller NimbiDesign. They come in Stark and Targaryen varieties (sorry Greyjoys) and will cost you $6.50 per set (which includes an invitation, matching envelope, RSVP and envelope, and a save the date + envelope). For $5 you can get everything but the save the date card and envelope. For $2 you can get a box of Dora the Explorer valentines at the pharmacy and Shapie over them 'WE GETTIN' MARRIED Y'ALL, IT'S GONNA BE A POTLUCK.'

Hit the jump for a shot of the Targaryen set. Also, if you buy Game of Thrones wedding invitations the two families better do battle at the reception.


Thanks to Scarlett, who's name is also a color. "No, the color scarlet only has one T." Wow, boy is my face -- wait for it -- crimson. Dammit I f***ed that up, didn't I?

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