New Zealand Minting Dr. Who And Transformers Coins

January 25, 2013


To celebrate the show's 50th anniversary later this year, the New Zealand Mint (previously of Star Wars and Hobbit coin fame) and BBC Worldwide have announced a commemorative Dr. Who coin. The coin has a face value of $2 but will set you back $155 if you actually want one. Transformers more you think? No worries, there's a $280 two-coin set of Optimus Prime and Megatron (the oldschool cartoon versions!) also coming. Wow, just a month ago who would have predicted 2013 was going to be such an exciting year for coins? "You're being sarcastic." THEY'RE $150 COINS. If a soda machine won't take it, I'm not interested.

Hit the jump and get your numismatist (that's the fancy name for coin collector!) on. Oh, and they all have that Queen Elizabeth II face on the other side.





Thanks to Melissa, who agrees if you filled a piggy bank with those coins, well, we'd be tempted to come take it from you.

  • This is interesting and funny too.

  • Rotbelcher

    I'd rather see Doctor Wu coins minted, Cocksuckas!

  • Cody Len

    I'm from NZ, i''d prefer we got those rad glow in the dark tricertops coins that the candians got.

  • Robert Gaul

    150$?? seriousely??? $20 maybe $50 but $150? thats insane.. that thing better be solid silver and be 4+ oz or its not even worth the materials used.

  • Robot

    I thought all the Lord of the rings stuff was getting out of hand. I love that they are adding some variety and such great variety! I don't want to visit a country where everyone is dressed like a hobit and begging me to buy things with tear stained eyes.

  • Anodos

    New Zealand is going to become an Autonomous Geek Nation soon......

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