New Book Scanner Can Flip And Scan 250 Pages/Minute

January 28, 2013


This is the BFS-Auto, a robotic book digitizer that can flip and scan over 250 pages in high definition in under a minute. For reference, I can read about a page every two minutes. "And how much of that is page is picture?" About half. Or its the first page of a new chapter. I can also type over 16 words a minute. I'd make a great secretary and not just because I look smokin' hot in a pencil skirt.

Hit the jump and watch those pages fly.

Thanks to Remjob, who can store over 300 pages a minute because he has one of those phonographic memories. "You mean photographic?" No I do not.

  • $47177359

    anyone tried or seen this before? It claims to scan 16 pages of book under 5 mins.
    Wonder if it’s true..

    Do you think this thing is allowed in libraries?

  • Robot

    Make this portable and discreet so I can sneak it into the college bookstore.

  • Dani

    what if it skips a page?

  • jimmy

    is this how they make e-books?

  • Michael

    It ain't no Johnny 5

  • fluffypony

    "And how much of that is page is picture?" Grammar fail...?

  • Idlethoughts

    I get really exited when ever real robot gain the ability to do what fictional robots have been doing for decades, It's like we're all the way in the "far future" of the year 2000.

  • Duecenage


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